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Yifeng music is a standard company specializing in exploring, producing and selling high
grade & common grade musical instruments.
The company has two sub-factories which specialize in producing electric guitar, electric
bass and  related accessories.
Also we‘ve gained many customer's strong support and we've maintained and supported a good
relationship with them for many years. We are making high quality products, and taking a new international road of design and development.
Tenets of company (sincere, considerate, professional, and effective):
- honesty & honor be first
- Make product number one
- Make service a priority
-Give full service to clients
- Create well-known, name brand products
Business range has a large scope already, by holding a certain degree in the Europe and
America markets, We use customers ideas and drawings to create high quality custom products and brand recognition.
We seek clients who demand our best efforts.  We also want to pursue the best relationship
possible with our customers.  We wish to work together to explore innovation, offer 1st class products, international trading and unsurpassed service, all from one company.


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